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PR in Russia
Dasìyes PR is a creative agency specialized in the launch, support, promotion and positioning of foreign brands and companies in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. We have developed a deep knowledge of the Russian mentality and therefore consumers, but always maintain a precise and fast western approach which is a major positive in fast and complicated markets like the Eastern European ones.
Corporate and brand events
Dasiyes organizes the best events in Russia and Ukraine! We can turn your event into a concrete way to create or maintain a positive image of your company and your brand in the eyes of your employees. Being part of the show business we are very creative and always in contact with contemporary artists; last but not least, we have advantageous agreements with the trendiest locations.
Nightlife concierge
If you want to taste the essence of fun, Moscow is the perfect city for you! This is a city where Beauty and Glamour is mixed in with the craziness of its nightlife and Dasiyes knows all its secrets. We are also the leader in organizing VIP nights in London, Rome, Beirut and other fantastic cities. Contact us to know more.
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Italian luxury
Dasìyes: is your one-stop boutique in Moscow for everything high-quality, beautiful and Italian! We bring the essence of the best of Italy to our clients, whether it be booking an Italian star performance, finding your dream Italian house, or giving your home a superior touch by sourcing a top Italian chef that your friends will rave about.
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your dream house in Italy
Italy, la bella Italia, sun, sea, smiling people, good food and tasty wine. Who doesn't want to live in such a Country, at least for a while? Dasìyes, an expert in Luxury goods, also specializes in the selling and renting of luxury Italian estates such as castles, cottages, villas, flats and rural estates. The house is a mirror of your way of living! Considering this our staff is ready to find the perfect luxury house for you, the one which fits you and is you. Moreover we collaborate with prestigious designers, international lawyers and financial consultants ready to help with any needs you might have related to the house.